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Shagufta, 10 Apr 2021

Best food always good service thank you Rajas city centre

Shagufta, 25 Mar 2021

I got my Oder after 1-15min

Zaheer , 25 Mar 2021

I have a question its not feedback, please reply. Hi, I know the meat/chicken that you serve is halaal certified. I wanted to check whether the halaal meat is stunned, prior to slaughtering.Or not. And the questions below. There are different opinions when it comes to halaal meat and chicken, as to whether stunning prior to slaughtering is okay or not. I prefer not to eat chicken/meat that is stunned prior to slaughter. Please can you find out from your halaal suppliers about the method of slaughter - 1) whether it's done by hand rather than Mechanical slaughter and whether this is from a Muslim, 2) Whether what is recited is done by a person(not an audio recording) 3) whether it is stunned prior to slaughter or if it is all by hand 4) just the other conditions. And please let me know what they say

Saima Ahmed, 10 Mar 2021


Nauman, 07 Mar 2021

Food is always nice

Syed, 07 Mar 2021

Sorted out previous issue with delivery for me. Food was very nice

Joe, 02 Mar 2021


Emma, 26 Feb 2021

Food is always good and comes quickly but some of the things are abit pricey but all round good.

Benjamin, 25 Feb 2021

Very nice

Shagufta, 24 Feb 2021

The best food in the world Rajas takeaway Leeds city centre

Shagufta, 16 Feb 2021

Good food

Syed, 13 Feb 2021

Good good

Emma, 11 Feb 2021

Good food and fresh very good

Coulibaly, 07 Feb 2021

Very good food not like where I live

Emma, 07 Feb 2021

Thank you so much son is coming It's very tasty thank you

Mohammed, 05 Feb 2021


Abu Bakar , 05 Feb 2021

Poor and missing food from an order and no attempt to fix this. I ordered a fish masala and, whole chicken, curry sauces, 2 fries. I received only the chicken, barely cooked, 1 portion of cold fries an a poor small salad. No fish no sauce no 2nd fries. Just because you are using Uber Eats please don’t use this as a cop out for fulfilling orders appalling.

Andrea Paul, 04 Feb 2021


Sama, 02 Feb 2021

It's was not great today pizza

Mohamed, 01 Feb 2021


Tahi, 28 Jan 2021


Morgan, 27 Jan 2021


Morgan, 27 Jan 2021

Always great food from here! Love the Zingy chicken burgers and the chilli sauce

Chloe, 24 Jan 2021

Very good

Benjamin, 23 Jan 2021

Overall appalling

Preet, 23 Jan 2021